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Who are the typical sellers of huge amount of Bitcoin?

The large-scale selling of Bitcoin can come from various sources, including: Institutional Investors: Large financial institutions or hedge funds may sell significant amounts of Bitcoin to realize profits, rebalance portfolios, or respond to market conditions. Whales: Individuals or entities holding large amounts of Bitcoin (often referred to as “whales”) can move the market by selling […]

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Do Bitcoin ETF fund companies trade their holding?

Bitcoin ETF fund companies typically do not actively trade their holdings. Instead, they follow a passive investment strategy designed to track the performance of Bitcoin. The primary goal of these funds is to mirror the price movements of Bitcoin as closely as possible, rather than to outperform the market through active trading. This means they […]

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What is a Bitcoin ETP explained

A Bitcoin ETP (Exchange-Traded Product) is a financial instrument (a type of security) that tracks the price of Bitcoin and can be traded on traditional stock exchanges, similar to how stocks are bought and sold. For a layman, think of it as a way to invest in Bitcoin without having to buy the actual digital […]

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