$65 BILLION PONZI!! Biggest Fraud of All Time!! πŸ“‰


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0:00​ Intro
1:40 Setting the scene
4:35 How the ponzi worked?
7:08 Warning signs
13:30 Under the radar
19:58 Final thoughts


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🏞️ Setting The Scene 🏞️

In short, a ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment scheme which pays out existing investors with funds collected from new investors.

Bitconnect was one of the largest ponzi schemes that has plagued crypto. However, that pales in comparison to the $65 billion ponzi which Bernie Madoff pulled off on Wall Street

Even crazier, no one knows how long this giant ponzi was in action for. Madoff has said 1987 and 1992, however, others think it might have kicked off way back in the 1960s.

This is a story of criminal behaviour deep within the financial system that devastated the lives of thousands of victims, resulting in suicides, bankruptcies and home losses.

πŸ’Έ How The Ponzi Worked? πŸ’Έ

Madoff’s scheme essentially involved creating an account which his investment firm used to collect funds from clients. He then used that same money to pay out the clients that wanted to sell their holdings. However, no actual trading took place. Instead, returns were simply made up.

All that was sustainable as long as withdrawal requests could be covered by fund deposits. That state of play existed for decades until the 2008 financial crisis rolled around. That saw investors trying to withdraw $7 billion and meant that Madoff couldn’t cover the volume of withdrawal requests. The ponzi scheme then collapsed.

⚠️ Warning Signs ⚠️

Back in 1999, a guy called Markopolos worked as a quant at Rampart Investment Management. His boss discovered that a top client was thinking about moving his funds to Madoff – who was consistently producing returns of 1% to 2% per month. So, Markopolos was tasked with replicating Madoff’s amazing returns.

That task sent Markopolos down a rabbithole and led to him uncovering dozens of warning flags. This included the suspicious structure of the fund and the secrecy surrounding it. He also reverse engineered some of Madoff’s trades and discovered that one of those stated trades would have required Madoff to buy more options on the Chicago Board Options Exchange than actually existed. That evidence was presented to the SEC numerous times and yet nothing was done about it.

πŸ›¬ Under The Radar πŸ›¬

How did Madoff run this $65 billion ponzi scheme for so long without being detected? Well, some of the biggest companies and businessmen in the world had invested in the fund. That included the New York Mets, HSBC holdings, Royal Bank of Scotland and more. With such high profile names, it was easy for people to assume that everyone else had done their due diligence.

Madoff also had a stellar reputation in finance, I mean he was on the Board of Directors at NASDAQ, held a position on the board of governors of the ​​National Association of Securities Dealers and other famous financial institutions.

Madoff also mixed in philanthropist circles and rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous. That made him seem the most unlikely of criminals.

Bernie also was adept at creating fake trading records that would pass muster at first glance. That was made even more passable by his reputation and the fact that the gains reported were entirely plausible for any given year.

Now, there are many more reasons that Madoff got away with this ponzi for so long and I cover them all in the vid!

πŸ“œ Disclaimer πŸ“œ

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