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β–Ί Microstrategy Buys More BTC:
β–Ί Eminem Buys Bored Ape:
β–Ί Opensea Freezes NFTs:
β–Ί OpenDAO Airdrop Claim:
β–Ί GasDAO Airdrop Explained:
β–Ί Aave Real World Assets:
β–Ί Estonia To Ban Crypto Wallets And DeFi:
β–Ί South Korean Exchanges To Require Wallet KYC:
β–Ί Mexico Retail CBDC Plans:
β–Ί Switzerland Wholesale CBDC Plans:


0:00 Intro
2:23 Dip Buying Bonanza
4:08 Bored Apes On Parade
6:31 Day of the DAO
9:56 Polygon Exploit
11:27 Aave Goes IRL
13:19 Crypto Crackdown Begins
15:48 CBDC Plans Revealed
17:49 Crypto Market Forecast
21:47 Outro


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