Top CRYPTO Gifts for 2022: BEST Ever!! 🎁


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0:00 Intro
1:57 1 Crypto Cushions
3:26 2 Motivational Artwork
5:50 3 Hardware Wallet
9:13 4 Crypto Steel
10:12 5 3Commas
11:40 6 Crypto Books
12:58 7 A Blockchain Domain
14:22 8 An NFT
15:20 9 Coin Bureau Merch
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🤗 Cushions 🤗

Upgrade your mates soft furnishings with some hot crypto cushions. The folks at Crypto World Home on Etsy have an awesome selection with a classic Bitcoin one for Bitcoin maximalists. Then you have cushions that are sure to appeal to the fans of the hottest altcoins out there, think Cardano, Solana and Doge to name a few!

🖼️ Art 🖼️

Crypto markets have their ups and downs. It is often hard to think clearly when those crypto markets are in the gutter. One thing that certainly helps with that is a great motivational piece of crypto art.

🔒 Hardware Wallet 🔒

No one wants to be that guy who picked the right altcoin and turned a thousand bucks into a million dollars, only to discover that their crypto stack has been stolen. So, investing in your mates crypto security is never a bad idea.

That can all be done with a hardware wallet. My one of choice is the Trezor Model-T.

🛡️ Crypto Steel 🛡️

These are offline metal backups that protect one’s seed words from fire and water damage. So yep, you can further enhance your friends’ crypto security with this thoughtful gift.

🤖 Crypto Bot 🤖

First, these are not magic money printing machines. However, they do enable traders to automate their trading strategies – which enables them to get out of the house a bit more.

Traders can also backtest their strategies against previous price data to help gauge how good it is.

📗 Crypto Books 📗

Knowledge is power! One of my favourite books has got to be The Bitcoin Standard. That one serves as a great overall read for both crypto newcomers and veterans alike.

🌐 Blockchain Domains 🌐

This is a personalized gift. You can get a custom domain that acts as a human readable crypto wallet address. They are easy to share and remember and pretty cool to flex to your mates.

If you are looking for a unique gift that one one else has, then blockchain domains should fit the bill.

🦄 NFT Collectible 🦄

This year has been the year of NFTs in crypto. Maybe your friend plays a particular blockchain game and you can get their rare NFT item they always wanted? Or you might want to get them a cool NFT from a collection.

👕 Coin Bureau Merch 👕

I have accidentally started a bit of a crypto clothing line. There are dozens of different items in the store. These range from crypto t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, beanies, water bottles and a surprising amount of ladies clothing. So, if you are looking for some cool crypto clothing then you’ll want to head over there.

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